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    MON, 20 DEC 1993 19:01:36 GMT



    (AIM, Podgorica, Dec. 18)

    Soon, in Montenegro, the work of some of the political parties might be prohibitted! This possibility was announced by a member of the leadership of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Milan Gajovicc, who declared yesterday at the press conference, that his party "will make an analysis of the work of some of the political parties and take efficient measures, pursuant to the Constitution and the Law on the Association of Citizens". According to Gajovicc, this refers to the parties for which it will be established by legal procedure that they were connected with perpetrators of criminal acts. He, thereby, pointed out to the Liberal Union of Montenegro, claiming that the bomb which exploded recently in front of the appartment of the President of the Court of Cetinje was planted according to inducement of a prominent leader of the Liberal Union". To a question whether this meant increased repression in order to preserve stability of the power of the DPS, Gajevicc answered in the negative, emphasizing that these measures would be "in the interest of peace, safety of the citizens and stability of Montenegro".

    Commenting on these attitudes of the leaders of the ruling party, Secretary General of the Liberal Union, Predrag Vulikicc, stressed that "linking the Liberal Union with certain criminal acts is just one in a series of attempts made by the DPS to prepare the ground for prohibiting our party. It is completely unacceptable that the police is publicizing the facts it reaches during investigation, and especially unacceptable that it does this through one of the parties, even if it is in power. This case points out to a dangerous connection between the police and the ruling party, dangerous for any country, but also that the DPS will use all means to remain in power and postpone rendering of accounts to the people for the humiliated position it is in", Vulikicc says.