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    WED, 02 FEB 1994 21:52:47 GMT


    AIM, BEOGRAD, 1.2. 94. Supreme Command of the Army of the Serbian Republic proclaimed general mobilization yesterday, "in regard to the fact that the international community decided to support the Muslims in the war and to accept the results of their struggle", as it is said in the official announcement of the Bosnian Serbs military headquarters.

    General mobilization of all disposable forces of the Serbian Republic is undertaken in order to "end the war successfully, counting that military results will not be recognized only for the Muslim side, but for all sides in the conflict as well". The decision about mobilization stipulates rigorous punishments for deserters and those who evade their military obligations. It mentions establishment of women units as well "aiming at successful ending of the war and economic revival of the country".

    Belgrade press printed only the agency news about the general mobilization of Serbs in Bosnia. The news got high prominence both in the press and radio and television, but no official reaction nor comments were publicized.

    The decision on mobilization is made at the time the West is seriously considering the possibility of bombing the Serbian positions in Bosnia, when political analysts fear that Serb-Croat agreement on normalization of mutual relations could result in a military union against Muslims and that common offensive is under preparations, and when the possibility of introducing sanctions of European Unity against Croatia was announced if information about transferring Croat army troops to Bosnia prove to be true.

    Recently some Bosnian Serb refuges living in SR Yugoslavia, in the age subject to congregation, reported to UN High Commission for Refugees in Belgrade, Pristina and Podgorica to have been drafted by Bosnian Serb authorities, although it is against the international law. This was one of the main topics in the press last week.